This Haitian boy, Ja, was crawling around on a dirt floor until he received a walker from Hands of Hope through our partner, Fire Missions. Now he cannot contain his joy!

We have been shipping containers full of donated medical equipment and supplies to poor and remote communities around the world since 1992. These shipments reach countless hospitals, clinics, birth centers, and homes for the disabled, elderly, and orphanages.

This redistribution of product enables us to provide vital medical equipment and supplies to our medical partners who reach people that lack adequate healthcare.

Ukraine shipment testimonial: “Vitaliy has been disabled all his life. We are happy to help Vitaliy who has been requesting and waiting in line to receive a wheelchair for 3 years. He hasn’t been able to do simple functions like go outside or move throughout his house without an assistance… Most of the applications with request for simple medical supply has been unanswered for years… Happy faces told the story when we went door to door, and were able to deliver wheelchairs and crutches.”

$25 = $375 OF HELP!